Manda Huevos Tinto Caña Andrea

Grape Variety: Garnacha Tinta Fina, Garnacha Blanca, Moristel, Bobal
Vintage: 2014
Winemaker: Norrel Robertson MW

Vino de Parcela – Caña Andrea

Nowadays a vulgarism in Spanish borne out of frustration meaning “I can´t believe it”, “get out of here”, etc , but actually originating form the latin Mandat Opus meaning your are obliged to do something out of necessity.

Our vineyards are within the commune of Villarroya in Calatayud but we felt obliged by necesity to make these wines outside of the Denominación de Origen.


Old vine red from two parcels with the same name with an extensión of 1,5 ha between both parcels.

The upper part was planted in 1908 and contains a pot pourri of varieties with around 85% Garnacha Tinta Fina and the remainder being a mix of Garnacha Blanca, Moristel and Bobal ( known locally as Provechon).

The lower part was planted in 1970 and is 100% Garnacha Tinta Fina.

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