Manda Huevos Blanco “Doble Yema”

Grape Variety: 90% Macabeo, 10% Garnacha Blanca
Winemaker: Norrel Robertson MW

Vino de Parcela – Carramainas

Manda Huevos – Vulgarism originating from the Latin Mandat Opus, precursor of the expression manda oebos. The original meaning being “one is obliged out of necessity” or “needs must”.

SOIL:red clay, loamy sand and gravel, 850 m above sea level.
VINTAGE:a blend of 50% of 2015 and 50% of the 2016 vintage
FERMENTATION & AGEING:In 900 litre eggs and large old oak . The 2015 was aged 30 meses on lees with stirring. The 2016 remained 18 months on lees with stirring.

3200 bottles produced of this blend .

Doble Yema – Literally meaning “an egg with two yolks”. A fine, bold wine resulting from the equal blend of 2 separate vintages from one single vineyard situated in the heart of the Iberian mountain system. Intense and outstandingly concentrated it mixes the ripe fruit of the 2015 vintage with the austere, mineral , smoky notes and oral aromas of 2016. The long ageing on lees adds a saline and unctuous element to the wine. Exquisitely balanced with refreshing acidity and a long smooth finish. A great white with the capacity to age superbly in bottle for many years.

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